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Mobility Roadside Assistance Offers Accessible Towing and Transport When Your Vehicle Breaks Down

March 21, 2023
Source: New Mobility/United Spinal

It can be hard to feel safe driving by yourself when towing and roadside assistance companies typically have no transportation options for wheelchair users. A new roadside assistance program is changing that by offering a fully accessible roadside assistance service in monthly or annual subscription packages.

Mobility Roadside Assistance is available in the U.S. and Canada and provides coverage including towing and wheelchair-accessible transportation for drivers with disabilities. Mobility Roadside Assistance coordinates a network of towing companies and accessible transit services that can reach customers anywhere they are needed. When the driver calls for assistance, a tow truck and transportation vehicle are dispatched to the scene of the accident or vehicle needing assistance, normally arriving within one hour. Depending on the subscription chosen, the vehicle can be towed up to 100 miles, and you and your passengers can be transported in a wheelchair-accessible vehicle up to 25 miles.

“Disabled people need to have their independence … and this allows that,” says Jim Speer, founder and CEO of Mobility Roadside Assistance.

Subscription packages start at $14.99 per month for Adaptive Basic, $19.99 per month for Adaptive Plus and $24.99 per month for Adaptive Premium. In addition to towing and transportation, each package comes with services including ramp and lift service, flat tire assistance, battery service and lost key/lockout assistance. Adaptive Plus and Adaptive Premium come with additional benefits like reimbursement if your tire gets damaged by a chunk of metal or another road hazard, lower copays and auto repair reimbursement. For those with existing roadside packages that include towing, there’s a $189 annual package, which includes accessible transportation up to 25 miles, ramp and lift service, and wheelchair or scooter assistance. [Note: Accessible transportation beyond 25 miles is available for an extra fee.]

Please visit Mobility Roadside Assistance for more information. 

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