The DRRP App Factory: Promoting Development and Accessibility of Health Apps for People with Disabilities

January 20, 2022
2:00-3:30 pm, Eastern time
Accessible Technology Webinar Series

Mobile healthcare, or mHealth, is an important new tool for self-management of chronic conditions. However, growth in development of mHealth “apps” may increase health disparities by leaving behind vulnerable populations, including people with disabilities.

The App Factory aims to ensure that people with disabilities are full participants in the growth of mHealth. We are addressing this aim in two ways. First, we want to help people find apps that are both effective in managing health and also accessible and usable by people with disabilities. Our website provides results from our accessibility testing and review of popular mHealth apps and encourages readers to evaluate and share their feedback about the usability of mHealth apps … and get paid for their feedback!

Second, we provide funding support to app developers interested in making assistive or accessible mHealth apps that meet the needs of people with disabilities. We conduct an annual competition and fund 3-5 new app development projects each year. We also solicit feedback from people with disabilities to determine the high-priority needs for new app development.

This presentation will provide:
• General history, overview and focus of the App Factory.
• Showcase a few apps developed through the App Factory.
• How app developers can apply for funding.
• Detail opportunities for people with disabilities to get involved in reviewing and rating apps.

Ben Lippincott, Project Director, Industry & Consumer Education/Outreach/Support, Shepherd Center/LiveWell RERC and mRehab RERC
John Morris, PhD, Senior Clinical Research Scientist, Shepherd Center/mRehab RERC

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