ADA National Network Learning Session: Increasing Equitable Healthcare for People with Disabilities: Managing Service and Emotional Support Animals in Emergencies

Webinar Date: April 14, 2022
Time: 2:30-4:00 pm, Eastern time
Webinar Series: Emergency Management and Preparedness  – Including People with Disabilities

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In preparation for a disaster or other emergency, emergency management agencies have many things to consider such as accessibility of emergency messages, and accessible evacuation and shelters. Emergency management and shelter professionals also must understand how to work with people who have assistance animals in an emergency.

This webinar will explore the issues around assistance animals in an emergency. Topics covered will include a basic overview of definitions and rules around assistance animals, evacuation of assistance animals, and the differences between the types of shelters that allow service animals and those that allow emotional support animals.

These 90-minute webinars are delivered by the Pacific ADA Center using the Zoom webinar platform. All sessions will be captioned, recorded and archived. Real-time captioning is available via the webinar platform.

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