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U.S. Access Board Visits Inglis Innovation Center and Attends Disability Art Show

September 26, 2022
Source: U.S. Access Board

This article is part of a series on the U.S. Access Board’s visit to Philadelphia from September 13 – 15

As part of the U.S. Access Board’s multi-day visit to Philadelphia to learn about the state of accessibility, the Board visited the Inglis Innovation Center and attended a diverse arts show by artists with disabilities and curated by Disability Pride PA

Inglis Innovation Center, which opened in 2019, supports independent, community living for persons with disabilities through innovative day programming, adapted technology, and employment services. The Center includes accessible bathing facilities, a community kitchen, and various accessibility features that exceed minimum federal accessibility standards.

Additionally, Inglis Innovation Center connects community members with assistive technology, such as eye-tracker software and smart home technology. The Center also has advanced an innovative approach to creating low-cost customized assistive technology using 3D printers. Inglis’ research and development team uses the printers to create accessible objects as requested by people with disabilities. For example, the lab has developed modified television remotes that allow those with limited dexterity to easily select their chosen buttons. 

[Photo caption:] Inglis staff showing 3D-made object for accessible food plate.

[Photo caption:] Public Board Member Alexis Ander Kashar holding accessible remote created by 3D printer at Inglis Innovation Center.

Board members and staff also toured accessible residential units at Inglis Methodist Gardens and spoke with residents. Inglis Methodist Gardens opened in 2021 and features smart technology in accessible units, such as smart blinds, locks, thermostat, and lighting. 

The Access Board concluded its visit to Inglis Innovation Center with an inclusive meditation with movement demonstration from DanceAbility Master Teacher Connie Vandarakis and an art show featuring artists with disabilities and coordinated by Disability Pride PA. Vicki Landers, Founder and Director of Disability Pride PA, spoke with Board members about how art has been integral to disability history. Several artists were present, and Board members engaged with them and their visual art, sculptures (that were permitted to be touched), and mixed media art.

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