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Spanish Version of BIPOC Mental Health Month Toolkit Available Now

September 16, 2022
Source: Mental Health America (MHA)

In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, learn more about the needs of Latinx/Hispanic communities by downloading the Mental Health America (MHA) BIPOC Mental Health Month toolkit.

Our #BeyondTheNumbers, or #MasQueNumeros, theme pushes individuals to learn more and explore the historical context, systems of support, and actionable ways we can move forward toward a mentally healthy future.

We are also very pleased to offer the complete BIPOC toolkit in Spanish to use across even more communities. The Spanish version includes all components originally released during BIPOC Mental Health Month in July.

This year’s toolkit focuses on the uniqueness of individual communities, and highlights six core cultural categories, allowing us to move away from generalizations:

  • American Indian/Alaska Native
  • Asian/Pacific
  • Arab/Middle Eastern/Muslim/South Asian
  • Black/African American
  • Latinx/Hispanic
  • Multiracial

Within each cultural category, you will find information on historical context, barriers to well-being, cultural beliefs, strengths and resiliency factors, and calls to action. In addition, access sample social media posts, downloadable images, culture-specific resources, worksheets, and more!

Download the Spanish Version of the BIPOC Mental Health Month Toolkit

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