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New Disability Employment Source (DES) Tool Launched to Help Employers and Job Seekers

July 24, 2020
Source: National Business & Disability Council

The most frequently made request of the National Business & Disability Council (NBDC) at The Viscardi Center team is: “We want to find candidates with disabilities.”

You’ve told us what you needed, and we listened.

We are pleased to announce the launch of the Disability Employment Source (DES): Your Resource for Qualified Candidates. The DES is a robust platform which connects job seekers with disabilities to careers that best suit their skills. Our platform is powered by cutting-edge technology, and is simple to use for applicants and employers. The DES makes it easy for companies to identify, reach, and hire people with disabilities nationwide with the specific skills they’re looking for in a candidate.

Employers can post an unlimited number of open positions on the DES platform by having their career pages scraped and updated regularly. Additional features include:

  • Candidate searching and automatic matching on a local/national basis, providing HR professionals with access to multiple job seekers and unlimited searching of qualified candidates for their open positions;
  • Custom scraping of employer’s job pages to easily have all their openings displayed and updated daily;
  • E-Learning courses to teach recruiters about hiring, onboarding, and retaining people with disabilities.

Employers who partner with NBDC can access our candidate database and conduct unlimited searches for people with disabilities in any position based on multiple criteria, including career skills, job experience, education and more. Your organization can post openings one-by-one or utilize job templates for the same position in multiple locations. Explore the Disability Employment Source now.

For Job Seekers with Disabilities, the DES offers a:

  • Skills assessment which allows job seekers to answer career and life interest questions designed to match them to applicable jobs;
  • Resume builder that is fully endorsed by HR professionals across the country;
  • Mentorship portal where candidates can connect to corporate mentors via email, phone, text, and video chat;
  • Personalized dashboard that provides people with disabilities with an array of job opportunities, benefits, and nonprofits local to them; and
  • Online job training in over 250 various courses, as well as e-learning software to help people with disabilities improve their skills.

The DES provides Job Seekers and Employers with a myriad of workforce development features to improve talent acquisition. The features include:

DES Skills Assessment
Candidates with disabilities now have the ability to explore what occupations might be the right fit for them.

DES Mentorship Portal
Corporate Partners can serve as mentors for candidates with disabilities and communicate with them via email, phone, text and video chat. Mentors are matched to candidates based on skill sets, employment history, education and career interests.

Resume Builder
The DES is designed to ensure that candidates, regardless of background, are able to find the appropriate job opportunities for them. The Resume Builder generates a simple resume in Word doc format that candidates can print out and bring to their service provider professionals who can assist them in fine-tuning it for the right job openings.

Job Training
The DES training library includes over 250 courses designed to expand a job seeker’s abilities and qualifications to make them a stronger candidate. The system also allows for employers to post their jobs and assign trainings to their openings. These trainings can be selected from our library or developed by the employer themselves.

Explore the Disability Employment Source now

To learn more and schedule a DES demonstration, contact Christina Eisenberg at

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