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New Videos Teach How to Interact with Police

January 3, 2022
Source: ARC of Northern Virginia

Understanding, planning and education can help calm stressful situations

The ARC of Northern Virginia produced these four new videos related to the intersection of law enforcement practices and disability rights. This project was developed as part of a grant funded by the Mid-Atlantic ADA Center for The Arc of Northern Virginia to create short videos with information on interactions between people with disabilities and the justice system.  Each of these videos are designed to empower people with disabilities, educate them on what to expect, and let them know about options and accommodations they may request.

The Traffic Stops video includes information on how to navigate a traffic stop if the driver or passenger has a disability.  It includes information on what to expect, how to prepare, and accommodations you can request.

The Talking to Police video gives information on how to navigate interactions on the street or in the community in general that occur between people with disabilities and police officers.

The Calling 911 video provides information for people with disabilities and their loved ones who may need to call 911 to report an emergency.  It has tips on creating a plan ahead of time, practicing, and how you can share information and request accommodations during the call.

In the last video, we take a quick look at a Comfort Kit.  Comfort kits are tools for first responders (including police) and other partners in the justice system to give to people with disabilities or anyone struggling with anxiety or sensory overload during an interaction.

News Source: YouTube Channel: Videos at The Arc of NoVA