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Lee Elections Offers New Vote-by-Mail Delivery System, Enhanced Ballot Online Delivery System for Voters with Disabilities

April 27, 2022
Source: Lee County, Florida

Press Release : April 15, 2022

The Lee County [Florida] Supervisor of Elections Office is now providing Enhanced Ballot Online Delivery System, a new online Vote-by-Mail ballot delivery system for voters with disabilities in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

The Enhanced Ballot Delivery System provides a secure remote electronic ballot marking and delivery system for voters who require a fully accessible Vote-by-Mail ballot. The system allows voters with a disability to mark their ballot online using their assistive technology device or software.

After voting their ballot, the voter is instructed to print and return the voted ballot and signed Voter’s Certificate. The Voter’s Certificate must be signed and returned along with the voted ballot for the ballot to count.

Voters can return their ballots by the United States Postal Service (USPS) mail, hand-deliver them to any Lee County Supervisor of Elections offices, or place them in a Secure Ballot Intake Station dropbox where and when they are available.

If voters use the USPS to return their ballot, they must insert their ballot and signed voters certificate in a postal envelope and include the postage.

Lee County Supervisor of Elections, Tommy Doyle, has reached out to several organizations representing the ADA community to let them know about our new delivery system.

An eligible voter may sign up for the online ballot delivery service by calling the Lee County Supervisor of Elections Office, 239-533-8683, or visiting and using the Vote-by-Mail request portal.

The Lee County Supervisor of Elections Office’s mission is to deliver superior election services to the voters of Lee County.

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