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Justice Department Reaches ADA Settlement Agreement with North Carolina Nail Salon

Settlement Agreement between the United States and Tweetie Nails, LLC d/b/a Diva Nails

October 26, 2021
Source: United States Department of Justice (DOJ)

A customer (Complainant) of a Durham, North Carolina, nail salon known as Diva Nails filed a complaint with the United States Department of Justice, alleging that Diva Nails discriminated against him based on his disability in violation of Title III of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). The customer alleged that the owner of Diva Nails informed him that he could not return to Diva Nails for future services after another customer (known to Complainant) disclosed that Complainant had tested positive for the human immunodeficiency virus or was “HIV-positive”.

Read the Settlement Agreement [PDF]