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Help Make Public Spaces More Accessible for People with Disabilities

November 11, 2021
Sources: University of Leeds and Burton Blatt Institute at Syracuse University (BBI)

The Burton Blatt Institute at Syracuse University is working with the University of Leeds on an innovative project, the Inclusive Public Spaces Project. Link: (IPS)

The project is investigating the unequal access of streets and public spaces in the United States (US), United Kingdom (UK), The Netherlands, Kenya and India.

The first phase of the project involved interviewing people who are affected by inaccessible spaces and recording their street journeys in Atlanta, Georgia and Syracuse, New York.

In the second phase, we want to recruit activists and planners and policy makers in the area of disability non-discrimination or in public space equity for people with disabilities and older adults.

Please consider joining us for this next phase. Please also send this information out to your networks to find participants.

To learn more about the IPS project or join us, email the project at or call 1-678-701-3771 [Atlanta, Georgia] or 1-315-314-4179 [Syracuse, New York].