Older Americans Act (OAA) Back-to-Basics Webinar Series: Stewardship, Oversight, and Advocacy Responsibilities

First webinar in the series
Thursday, February 15, 2024
2:00-3:30 PM Eastern Time

Host: Administration for Community Living (ACL)

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As the dedicated set of providers of services and supports authorized and funded under the Older Americans Act (OAA), the aging services network is recognized as a critical component of our nation’s long-term care infrastructure. You make it possible for millions of older adults and their caregivers to maintain their health, well-being, and independence — and ACL remains your committed federal partner in achieving the goals of the OAA.

The work we do together has never been more important. The population of older adults continues to increase rapidly, and nearly three-quarters of us can expect to need assistance in order to age in place. The continued success — and sustainability — of OAA programs depends more than ever on efficient program operations and proper stewardship of resources.

We are aware that high turnover of experienced staff at all levels of the aging services network is resulting in a loss of critical institutional knowledge. At the same time, there is increasing interest, including from potential partners, in the expansion of aging network services, in ensuring appropriate levels of program and fiscal oversight of recipients of federal funding.

To assist in filling knowledge gaps and to promote prudent stewardship practices, we are launching a new technical assistance webinar series. The “OAA Back-to-Basics” series will address topics of interest to both people who are new to the aging network and those who are experienced in OAA program management.

The Back-to-Basics series coincides with the implementation of the updated OAA regulations, which are designed to advance the policy goals of the OAA, including equity in service delivery, advocacy on behalf of older adults and family caregivers, appropriate accountability of funds, and efficient administration and oversight of these public programs. ACL recognizes that much has changed in the OAA and in grants administration since the 1988 OAA regulations were issued. As part of ACL’s stewardship of the OAA in the coming year, we will be providing a robust set of training and technical assistance resources through webinars, tip sheets, FAQs, and other materials. We intend for these resources to provide you with tools to build successful approaches to OAA program implementation, administration, and management, as well as necessary processes, procedures, and documentation to demonstrate appropriate oversight, stewardship, and accountability.

The history of the OAA and its programs is one of great success. Our goal for the Back-to-Basics series, and for the training and technical assistance we will provide to facilitate implementation of the updated OAA regulations, is to support and strengthen the aging services network — and to work in partnership to build on that success.


  • Edwin Walker, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Aging, ACL
  • Amy Wiatr-Rodriguez, Director, Center for Regional Operations, ACL
  • Alice Kelsey, Deputy Director for the Administration on Aging, ACL

ASL and CART will be provided. If you need other accommodations to participate, please contact marcia.gordon@acl.hhs.gov.

The webinar will be recorded and posted on ACL.gov.

This webinar will cover: (1) background; (2) final rulemaking and implementation; (3) oversight, monitoring, and advocacy; and (4) additional resources. The webinar outlines the key roles of grantees and subrecipients as stewards of public funds in carrying out the mission of the OAA. The updated OAA regulations will better support the national aging network as well as improve program management and implementation, with the ultimate goal of better serving older adults and caregivers.

This webinar will discuss key aspects of proper stewardship and program management, including the importance of achieving a balanced and collaborative approach. The webinar will briefly review the OAA final rule and explore how to make appropriate updates for implementation, including advocacy, program monitoring, fiscal oversight, and data collection considerations.

Please see ACL’s website for more information and resources on the final rule.

OAA Basics and Federal Requirements