Mental Wellness: When Generational Gaps Become Barriers

Tuesday, May 28, 2024
1:00 – 2:00 PM Eastern Time

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Join the National Organization on Disability (NOD) and Mental Health America (MHA) for a discussion on how companies can support the mental health of their multigenerational workforces.

Mental health is one of the most serious issues facing employers today. We have five generations working together and all were raised in different times and with different expectations. Studies have found that only 45% of Gen Zers reported that their mental health is very good or excellent, and a SHRM survey found that 27% of Generation Z reported feeling depressed by their job at least once per week in the last six months, compared to 18% of Millennials, 14% of Gen Xers and 7% of Baby Boomers and Traditionalists.

This can present challenges but also provide opportunities. Employers have a unique opportunity not only to invest in the mental health and well-being of their workforce, but also to strengthen their organizations’ success by doing so.

NOD and MHA will discuss how companies can manage the mental health expectations of the myriad generations in the workforce. In many cases, they look at the issue through the lens of their age group.

  • Objectives for the discussion include:
  • -Discuss the mental health challenges of a multigenerational workforce.
  •  -Discuss how companies can meet the needs of these various generations.
  •  -Provide case studies on how employers have effectively addressed mental health in their workplaces.


  • Moderator: Felicia Nurmsen of NOD
  • Suzi Craig, VP of Workplace Mental Health at Mental Health America
  • Frank Giampietro, EY Americas Chief Wellbeing Officer
  • Natalie Dickens, Digital Ad Ops Coordinator at Blavity Inc