A Review of Various Notable ADA-Related Settlement Agreements and Conciliations by Federal Enforcement Agencies – Part II

ADA Legal Webinar Series
Wednesday, May 15, 2024
2:00 PM – 3:30 PM, Eastern Time

Sponsored by Great Lakes ADA Center and ADA National Network (ADANN)
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As a second installment of the March legal webinar, we will continue our deep dive into some notable settlement agreements and conciliations unveiled by federal agencies upholding the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and related anti-discrimination laws. This session will delve into the remaining cases and potentially introduce a few new ones, building upon prior discussions and addressing previous lingering questions. We will continue exploration of possible reasons why civil rights offices target certain segments of our economy but not others. We will also isolate some key take-a-ways that should be duly noted by those who peruse these outcomes to provide technical assistance, advocate, or simply appreciate why a Federal agency ultimately takes court action against a particular business, government entity, a landlord, or even a solo legal or medical practice. Our objective remains to point out the importance of appreciating the stated and unstated themes behind these secondary examples of compliance and enforcement. While they may not be as important as actual court decisions, these Federal enforcement efforts represent the backbone of ADA compliance across the country.

This session will have human generated real-time captioning provided. Individuals can submit questions in advance of the session via the registration process.

Continuing Education Credit available: Certificate of Attendance; ACTCP: 1.5 Credits

Diego Demaya JD, Legal Specialist, Southwest ADA Center at ILRU