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Deadlines Coming Soon to File ADA Discrimination Claims Against Uber

December 15, 2022
Source: U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ)

Under a settlement between the U.S. Department of Justice and Uber about discriminatory wait time fees, some [riders] may be entitled to Uber credits. Others may be entitled to a money payment of $600 or more. The deadlines to submit their claims is coming up.

Please notify [riders] to check their emails and Uber app in the “Uber hub” section to check whether they received a notification from either Uber, Rust Consulting, or that they are eligible for ride credits or money payments.

The settlement resolves a DOJ lawsuit filed against Uber alleging that Uber violated the Americans with Disabilities Act by charging wait time fees to riders who, because of disability, need more time to board an Uber car. The press release regarding the settlement agreement between the DOJ and Uber is available here.

Under the agreement, Uber is also waiving wait time fees for all Uber riders who certify that they (or someone they frequently travel with) need more time to get in an Uber because of a disability. You can learn more about the waiver and wait time fee refunds at Uber’s Help Page.

For more information about this agreement or the ADA, visit or call the DOJ/ADA toll-free Information Line: 1-800-514-0301 (Voice) or 1-833-610-1264 (TTY).

More information at the Wait Time Fee Settlement Webpage: