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Court Decisions

Legal and policy developments relevant to civil rights protections and the impact of court decisions in the Southeast Region and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) are analyzed in partnership with the Burton Blatt Institute (BBI) at Syracuse University.

120) Adams v. Cleveland Clinic FloridaSection 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, ADA Title III, American Sign Language (ASL), district court, Florida, legal authority, civil contempt, settlement agreementFlorida Southern District Court
1) Aguirre v. City of Miamiconstructive discharge, retaliationFlorida Southern District Court
2) Alejandro v. Palm Beach State College
service animalFlorida Southern District Court
3) Allmond v. Akal Security Inc.disparate impact, mitigation, substantial limitationGeorgia Middle District Court
4) American Association of People with Disabilities (AAPD) v. Harrisvoting access11th Circuit Court
5) Anderson v. City of Blue AshADA, FHAA, reasonable modification, service animal6th Circuit Court
6) Argenyi v. Creighton UniversityADA Title III, auxiliary aids and services,discrimination, Section 5048th Circuit Court
7) Argenyi v. Creighton University [UPDATE]ADA Title III, auxiliary aids and services, discrimination, Section 504Nebraska District Court
8) Bagwell v. Morgan County CommissionADA Title I, essential functions, reasonable accommodation, retaliation11th Circuit Court
9) Bates v. Dura Automotive Systems, Inc.disability inquiry, medical test6th Circuit Court
122) Berling v. Gravity Diagnostics, LLCadverse employment action, lost wages and benefits, mental pain and suffering, anxiety disorder, panic attacks, disability, employment termination, reasonable accommodation, disability discriminationCommonwealth of Kentucky, Kenton Circuit Court Division IV
129) Bledsoe v. TVA Bd. of Dirs.age discrimination, retaliation, federal employee, disability discrimination, Rehabilitation Act of 1973, Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA), burden-shifting6th Circuit Court
10) Boitnott v. Corning, Inc.employment, legal concepts, major life activity, substantially limited4th Circuit Court
121) Brown v. Roanoke Rehab and Healthcare CenterADA, COVID-19, Alabama, definition of disability, employment termination, legal authority, motion to dismiss, federal courtAlabama Middle District Court
11) Bryson v. Regis Corporationemployment, FMLA, legal concepts, public accommodations, qualified individual, retaliation6th Circuit Court
12) Caporicci v. Chipotle Mexican Grill, Inc.ADA, ADA – general, discrimination, employment, Florida Civil Rights Act (FRCA), medical and health care11th Circuit Court
13) Carmona v. Southwest Airlines CompanyADA – general, ADA Amendments Act, employment, intermittent flare ups, retroactive5th Circuit Court
14) Carter v. Ridgeemployment, legal concepts, qualified individual, retaliation, state & local government, transportation5th Circuit Court
15) Chesnut v. Ethan Allen Retail, Inc.discrimination, EEOC complaint, employment, legal concepts, timely filing, verified chargeGeorgia Northern District Court
16) C.L. v. Del Amo Hospital, Inc. (2019)ADA, ADA – general, dog training, medical and health care, PTSD, public accommodation, service animals, service dogCalifornia Central District Court
17) C.L. v. Del Amo Hospital,Inc. (2021)ADA, ADA – general, dog training, medical and health care, PTSD, public accommodation, service animals, service dog9th Circuit Court
18) Cooper v. CLP Corporationaffirmative defense, discrimination, employment, harassment, reasonable care11th Circuit Court
19) Cordero v. Floridadefinition of disability, employment, retaliationFlorida Northern District Court
20) Craig v. Masterpiece Cakeshop,, civil rights, constitution, discrimination, diversity, First Amendment, LGBT, religionColorado Court of Appeals, Division 1
21) Crawford v. Hinds County Board of SupervisorsADA – general, Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), architectural, courthouse, courtrooms, disability, District Court, facility access, future injury, injunctive relief, juror, jury duty, jury service, legal concepts, public accommodations, restrooms, state & local government, wheelchair5th Circuit Court
119) Cummings v. Premier Rehab Keller, P.L.L.C.ADA Title III, Rehabilitation Act of 1973, Affordable Care Act of 2010, Civil Rights Act of 1964, deaf, legally blind, emotional distress, Texas Human Rights Code5th Circuit Court
22) Daniels v. Arcade, L.P.4th Circuit, ADA – general, eligible to bring suit, enforcement, facility access, injury in fact, legal concepts, public accommodations, recreation/leisure, standing4th Circuit Court
23) Denman v. Davey Tree Expert Co.disability-related inquiries, employment, legal concepts, medical examination, reasonable accommodation6th Circuit Court
24) Deutsch v. Travis County Shoe Hospital & Deutsch v. Annis EnterprisesADA – general, ADA Title III, facility access, legal concepts, public accommodations, standing5th Circuit Court
125) Doe v. CVS Pharmacy, Inc.Affordable Care Act (ACA), Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), HIV/AIDS, Unruh Civil Rights Act, Unfair Competition Law (UCL), Employee Retirement Security Act (ERISA), California, Legal Authority.9th Circuit Court
25) Dulaney v. Miami-Dade County“cats paw” theory of causation, employment, legal concepts, regarded as, state & local government11th Circuit Court
26) EEOC v. Federal Express Corporationemployment, failure to accommodate, legal concepts, punitive damages, reasonable accommodation, state & local government, technology, telecommunication4th Circuit Court
27) EEOC v. Ford Motor Co.ADA Title I, employers, essential job functions, legal concepts, reasonable accommodations, retaliation, telecommuting6th Circuit Court
28) EEOC v. Ford Motor Credit CompanyADA – general, employment, enforcement, job-related inquiry, legal concepts, tangible inquiry, voluntary disclosureTennessee Middle District Court
29) EEOC v. Greater Baltimore Medical Center, Inc.ADA – general, ADA claim, employment, enforcement, legal concepts, medical and health care, SSA application4th Circuit Court
30) EEOC v. LHC Group Inc.ADA Title I, discrimination, employment, qualified employee, reasonable accommodation, summary judgement, termination5th Circuit Court
31) Feagan v. Jauntdefinition of disability, employment, job restructuring, reasonable accommodation, transportation4th Circuit Court
32) Federal Express Corporation v. Holoweckiage discrimination in employment act (ADEA), employmentU.S. Supreme Court
33) Feist v. Louisianaemployment, legal concepts, reasonable accommodation, retaliation5th Circuit Court
34) Fox v. Morris Jupiter Associatescredibility of claims, facility access, injunctive relief standing, public accommodationsFlorida Southern District Court
35) Frame v. City of Arlington – Texas (5th Circuit, 2010 and 2011) – UPDATEaccrual, ADA Title II, discrimination, public services, Rehabilitation Act, Section 504, state & local government, statute of limitations5th Circuit Court
36) Fry v. Napolean Community Schoolseducation, exhaustion requirement, IDEA, service animal, service animalsU.S. Supreme Court
37) Gabriel Peeples v. Clinical Support Options, Inc.ADA, ADA – general, coronavirus (covid-19), covid-19, employment, interactive process, legal concepts, medical and health care, preliminary injunction, reasonable accommodation, telework, temporary restraining orderDistrict of Massachusetts District Court
38) Gantner v. Potteremployment, facility access, federal employees compensation act (feca), legal concepts, modified position, Rehabilitation Act, state & local governmentKentucky Western District Court
39) Garrett v. University of Alabamaemployment, legal concepts, sovereign immunity, state & local government11th Circuit Court
40) Gil v. Winn-Dixie (2017)accessibility, ADA Title III, internet, public accommodation, public accommodations, technology, websitesFlorida Southern District Court
41) Gil v. Winn-Dixie (2021)accessibility, ADA Title III, internet, public accommodation, public accommodations, technology, websites11th Circuit Court
42) Giustiniani v. Florida Dept. of Financial Servicesada general, effective communication, enforcement, grievance procedure, legal concepts, medical and health care, program access, public accommodations, state & local governmentFlorida Middle District Court
43) Gordon v. Acosta Sales and Marketing, Inc.ADA – general, employment, interactive process, reasonable accommodation, retaliation5th Circuit Court
44) Greenberg v. Bellsouth Telecommunications, Inc.obesity, qualified individual, substantial limitation11th Circuit Court
45) Gruener v. Ohio Casualty Insuranceemployment, legal concepts, public accommodations, regarded as6th Circuit Court
46) Hagan v. Mason Dixon Intermodal Inc. (MDII)employment, lawful discharge, transportationGeorgia Southern District Court
47) Hall v. FloridaADA – general, capital punishment, enforcement, intellectual disability, legal concepts, state & local governmentU.S. Supreme Court
48) Harrison v. Benchmark Electronics Huntsville, Inc. (BEHI)employment, legal concepts, medical inquiry, non-disabled, private right of action11th Circuit Court
49) Helping Hand, LLC v. Baltimore Company, MDADA – general, ADA Title II, association, discrimination, disparate impact, enforcement, legal concepts, program access, state & local government4th Circuit Court
50) Heyer v. U.S. Bureau of Prisonsdeliberate indifference, effective communication, interpreter, legal concepts, medical and health care, technology, telecommunicationU.S. Supreme Court
51) Holly v. Clairson Industriesemployment, essential function, qualified individual11th Circuit Court
52) Hosanna-Tabor Evangelical Lutheran Church and School v. EEOC [UPDATE]employment, legal concepts, ministerial exceptionU.S. Supreme Court
53) Hostettler v. College of WoosterADA, ADA – general, civil procedure, education, employment, legal concepts, medical and health care6th Circuit Court
54) Houston v. Marod Supermarkets, Inc.ADA – general, bona fide patron, enforcement, injunctive relief, legal concepts, place of public accommodation, public accommodations, standing, state & local government, tester of ada compliance11th Circuit Court
55) Howard v. STERISactual knowledge, ADA – general, employee disability, employment, enforcement, failure to accommodate, legal conceptsAlabama Middle District Court
56) Huber v. Wal-Martreassignment, vacant position, diversity, employment. legal concepts, public accommodationsU.S. Supreme Court
57) Jarvela v. Crete Carrier Corp.alcoholism, confidentiality, current diagnosis, disclosure, essential function, FMLA, medical inquiry, medical leave, qualified individual11th Circuit Court
124) John C. Wilds, Jr. v. AKHI LLC and AHTNA Professional Servs. Inc.service animal, Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), Florida Civil Rights Act (FCRA), off leash, Federal courthouse, contractor, failure to state a claimFlorida Northern District Court
58) John Kelleher v. Fred A. Cook, Inc.ADA, ADA – general, associated discrimination, employment, legal concepts, motion to dismiss, non-discrimination, termination of employment2nd Circuit Court
118) Karantsalis v. City of Miami Springs, FloridADA, Rehabilitation Act of 1973, multiple sclerosis, ADA Title II, legal authority11th Circuit Court
59) Kilgo v. Cingular WirelessADA, employment, legal concepts, retaliationTennessee Eastern District Court
60) Kroll v. White Lake Ambulance Authorityemployment, legal concepts, medical and health care, medical examination6th Circuit Court
61) KRS v. Brownemployment, legal concepts, recuperative leave, state & local government, WIOA (formerly WIA)Kentucky Court of Appeals
128) Laufer v. Acheson Hotels, LLChotels, Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), regulations, “Reservation Rule,” public accommodations, accessible features, reservation service, website, standing, injunctive relief, disability, wheelchair, cane, visual impairment1st Circuit Court
62) Lee v. City of Columbus, Ohiodiscrimination, employment, legal concepts, medical inquiry, medical leave, Rehabilitation Act, right to privacy, Section 504, sole causation, state & local government6th Circuit Court
63) Lewis v. Humboldt Manordiscrimination, employment, legal concepts, sole causation6th Circuit Court
64) Liese v. Indian River County Hospital District

discriminatory intent, effective communication, interpreter, legal concepts, medical and health care
11th Circuit Court
65) Littleton v. Wal-Martemployment, major life activity, social interaction11th Circuit Court
66) Lowe v. Hamilton County Department of Job and Family Servicessovereign immunity, state & local government6th Circuit Court
67) MacDonald v. United Parcel Serviceemployment, legal concepts, major life activity, thinking6th Circuit Court
68) Magee v. Coca-Cola Refreshments USA, Inc.ADA Title III, public accommodation, sales establishment, technology, visual impairment5th Circuit Court
69) Mayer v. Future Electronics GP Corp.discrimination, employment, legal concepts, pretextMississippi Northern District Court
70) Mayorga v. Alorica, Inc.ADA – general, employment, enforcement, legal concepts, medical and health care, pregnancyFlorida Southern District Court
71) McCauley v. Georgiaaccess to courts, ADA – general, enforcement, legal concepts, program access, sovereign immunity, state & local government11th Circuit Court
72) McClain v. Tenax Corp.ADA, ADA – general, discrimination, employment, retaliation, summary judgementAlabama Southern District Court
73) Mehryari v. First National Bank TexasADA, ADA – general, ADA Amendments Act (ADAAA), employment, summary judgementTexas Eastern District Court
74) Melman v. Metro. Gov of Nashville & Davidson CountyADA, ADA – general, ADA Amendments Act (ADAAA), employment, summary judgementTennessee Middle District Court
75) Milton v. Nicholsondiscrimination, employment, Section 5045th Circuit Court
76) Moore v. Chilton Co. Board of Ed.ADA Title II, disability harassment, education, Section 504Alabama Middle District Court
77) Moore v. Texascapital punishment, intellectual disability, medical standard, Supreme CourtU.S. Supreme Court
78) Nance v. Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co.arbitration, legal concepts, statutory claims6th Circuit Court
79) National Alliance for Accessibility, Inc. v. Belk, IncADA – general, enforcement, legal concepts, public accommodations, standingNorth Carolina Eastern Court
80) National Federation of the Blind v. Target Corporationclass action, employment, place of public accommodation, public accommodations, technology, web accessibilityCalifornia Northern District Court
81) Novak v. MetroHealthADA – general, definition of disability, employment, FMLA11th Circuit Court
82) Owusu-Ansah v. Coca-Cola, Co.ADA – general, business necessity, enforcement, legal concepts, medical and health care, medical examination11th Circuit Court
83) Picard v. St. Tammany Parish Hospitaldefinition of disability, employment, interactive process, restrictive5th Circuit Court
84) Pinkerton v. Spellings, Secretary – U.S. Dept. of Educationlegal concepts, motivating factor, retaliation5th Circuit Court
85) Prioleau v. Potteremployment, interactive process, reasonable effort, reassignment, state & local governmentSouth Carolina U.S. District Court
86) Robles v. Domino’s Pizza LLCADA, ADA Title III, auxiliary aids and services, mobile applications, technology, websites9th Circuit Court
87) Rorrer v. City of Stowdiscrimination, employment, essential function, reasonable accommodation, state & local government6th Circuit Court
88) Ross v. Jefferson County Dept of HealthADA – general, employment, enforcement, legal concepts, sovereign immunity, state & local government11th Circuit Court
89) Rumler v. Florida Dept. of CorrectionsADA – general, ADA Title I, compensatory damages, employment, legal concepts, state & local government, trial by juryFlorida Middle District Court
90) Russell v. City of TampaADA – general, delay, employment, reasonable accommodationFlorida Middle District Court
91) Seff v. Broward CountyADA – general, EEOC, employment, enforcement, health risk assessment, job-related inquiry, legal concepts, medical and health care, safe harbor, state & local government, wellness programs11th Circuit Court
92) Seremeth v. Board of County Commissioners of Frederick CountyADA – general, domestic violence, effective communication, enforcement, interpreter, legal concepts, police detention, police investigation, state & local government4th Circuit Court
93) Sheely v. MRI Radiology Network, P.A.compensatory damages, employment, legal concepts, Rehabilitation Act, service animal, service animals, state & local government, voluntary cessation11th Circuit Court
94) Silva v. Baptist Health South Floridaauxiliary aids, effective communication, healthcare, medical and health care, public accommodations, standing, video remote interpreting11th Circuit Court
95) Sjöstrand v. Ohio State UniversityADA Title I, ADA Title II, discrimination, education, legal concepts, Section 504, state & local government6th Circuit Court
96) Smith v. TransCor AmericaADA Title II, cruel and unusual punishment, facility access, jails, legal concepts, prison, state & local government, technology, transportationKentucky Western District Court
97) Soliday v. 7-Eleven, Inc.ADA Title I, employer net worth, employment, legal concepts, punitive damagesFlorida Middle District Court
98) South Carolina Social Services v. Mother, In Interest of Minor, DaughterADA Title II, parental rights, reasonable modification, state & local government, terminationSouth Carolina State Court of Appeals
99) Sparman v. Blount County Board of EducationADA Title II, bullying, education, harassment, public school, Section 504Alabama Northern District Court
100) Spees v. James Marine, Inc.ADA Title VII, Civil Rights Act, employment, gender discrimination, legal concepts, non-discrimination, pregnancyKentucky Western District Court
101) Stansberry v. Air Wisconsin Airlines Corporationassociation, discrimination, employment6th Circuit Court
102) Stringer v. N. Bolivar Consolidated School DistrictADA, ADA – general, education, employment, legal concepts, non-discrimination5th Circuit Court
103) Summers v. Altarum Institute, Corp.ADA – general, ADA Title I, ADAAA, enforcement, legal concepts, reasonable accommodation, state & local government, sufficiently severe, temporary disability4th Circuit Court
104) Sydnor v. Fairfax County, VA.ADA – general, administrative remedies, employment, enforcement, exhaustion requirement, failure to accommodate, legal concepts4th Circuit Court
127) Talevski v. Health and Hospital Corporation of Marion Countydementia, 42 U.S. Code §1983, nursing facility, Federal Nursing Home Reform Act (FHNRA), civil rights, statute of limitations7th Circuit Court
105) The Judge Rotenberg Educational Center, Inc. v. United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA), et. alaggressive self-injurious behavior, developmental disabilities, Electrical Stimulation Device (ESD), Graduated Electronic Decelerator (GED), intellectual disabilities, legal authority, Massachusetts, practice of medicine, United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA)District of Columbia Circuit Court
106) Thomas v. Traneattendance, employmentGeorgia Middle District Court
107) Toalston v. Bridgestone Firestoneemployment, pro se plaintiffs, protected activityTennessee Middle District Court
126) United States v. Vaello-MaderoEqual Protection Clause, Supplemental Security Income (SSI), Fifth Amendment, disability benefits, First Circuit, Puerto Rico1st Circuit Court
108) Vannoy v. Federal Reserve Bank of RichmondADA Title I, defective notice of rights, discriminatory discharge, employment, job restructuring. reasonable accommodation, employment4th Circuit Court
109) Vaughan v. UPSemployment, interactive process, substantial limitationTennessee Middle District Court
110) Walker v. City of Vicksburgemployment, legal concepts, major life activity, state & local governmentMississippi Southern District Court
111) Washburn v. Harveyemployment, otherwise qualified5th Circuit Court
112) White v. Interstate Distributor Companyaccommodated position, employer obligation, employment, modified position6th Circuit Court
123) Williams v. KincaidADA, Rehabilitation Act, Constitutional law, Equal Protection Clause, gender dysphoria, gender identity disorders, prison, transgender, gross negligence, statute of limitations4th Circuit Court
113) Williams v. Union Underwear Company, Inc.association, discrimination, employment6th Circuit Court
114) Wilson v. Phoenix Specialty Manufacturing Companyemployment, front pay, legal concepts, pretext, reasonable accommodation, regarded as, termination4th Circuit Court
115) Wofsy v. Palm Shorescausality, employment, episodic condition, retaliation, transportationTennessee Middle District Court
116) Wolfe v. Postmaster GeneralADA – general, ADAAA, employment, enforcement, legal concepts, regarded as11th Circuit Court
117) Woodward v. City of ParisADA Title II, legal concepts, reasonable modification, state & local governmentTennessee Western District Court

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