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In these FREE webinars, leaders in the field share their expertise on trends and regulations under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), disability history, and also their experience and practical methods for promoting an inclusive workplace through successful recruitment, hiring and retaining of individuals with disabilities.

Featured Archived Webinar Series

Veterans, Disability, and the Power of Literature Webinar Series

Join authors Steve Kuusisto and Doug Anderson as they discuss veterans with disabilities and the critical role creative writing has played in the difficult re-adjustment to civilian life.  Part 1 features the history of literature...Part 2 features the contemporary literary scene and how veterans with disabilities use literature to build community. In the final webinar, Doug and Steve read excerpts from their works & discuss them.


Benefits of Webinars

Participating in a webinar can support the professional development of an individual, entire department or agency for less cost than sending staff to comparable training events.

Businesses and sponsoring agencies can host a webinar and invite individuals, co-workers, local employers and community partners to participate on-site, and use the time following the webinar to discuss their employment program and dialogue with participants about "next steps" to improve their approach to disability inclusion and employing individuals with disabilities.

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