Corporate Infrastructure: Diversity Initiatives that Promote the Inclusion of Individuals with Disabilities



Thursday - March 11, 2010


1.5 hours


  • Lori Golden
    Inclusiveness Consultant/AccessAbilities Leader | Americas People Team, Ernst and Young
  • Beth Newsom
    RFI/RFP Project Coordinator Population and Prevention Services, Co-Chair,
    KP Colorado People with Disabilities Association Network Leader, Kaiser Permanente


  • Beth Butler
    Chair, US Business Leadership Network (USBLN), Wachovia, A Wells Fargo Company


The purpose of this webinar will be to learn from employers who have developed and implemented a wide range of diversity initiatives with the assistance of community partners that promote the inclusion of individuals with disabilities into the workforce, marketplace and supply chain.

Participants will learn about specific corporate strategies related to:

  • Strategic Recruitment and Outreach
  • Developing an Employees with Disabilities Affinity Group
  • Efforts to Include Disability-Owned Businesses into the Supply Chain

Materials & Resources

Audio Recording


PowerPoint Presentation

Supplementary Materials

Ernst & Young AccessAbilities Materials

  • AccessAbilities Brochure - Unleashing the Full Abilities of all our People
  • AccessAbilities Poster
  • AccessAbilities Slipsheets