Debbie Moore

Senior Program Manager/Rotary Partners for Work Coordinator, Wise

Debbie MooreDebbie Moore joined Wise in 2010 as the Rotary Partners for Work Coordinator, bringing over 25 years of experience working with individuals with disabilities. Most recently she worked for 13 years as a Career Specialist within the Issaquah School District Transition Program, where she implemented and managed students’ career development activities. Prior to that, her introduction into the field was 9 years working as the Employment Manager within an agency that supported the first employees’ transition out of the workshop into competitive employment. Debbie’s strengths include creative job development, facilitating and maintaining partnerships within Rotarian businesses, supporting employment activities with school districts in King County, collaborating with various agencies, and facing daily challenges head on. In addition to managing the Partners for Work project, Debbie also provides trainings to Transition Program staff and assists with conferences throughout the state of Washington. Working at Wise affords her the luxury of making impactful community connections and creative employment opportunities.

Speaker: Advancing Equal Employment Opportunities and Creating Inclusive Workplaces - Part 4: Seeing Community and Building Connections with an Employment Lens